SRV Hospital Initiates CPR Training To Auto Rickshaw Drivers

On the occasion of world heart day SRV Hospital, Goregoan initiated  CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training to auto rickshaw drivers on 28th September 2016. More than 50 auto drivers participated and received free health check-up.

Dr Abhay Vispute, Medical Director SRV Hospital* says, “We feel the auto rickshaw drivers are an integral part of daily commute in overall Mumbai. Rickshaw drivers oversee most medical srv-hospital-cpr-trainingemergencies. They are the first point contact for the patients. In any scenario, if the auto rickshaw driver is trained how to handle such medical emergencies, they may be a key factor in
saving the patient’s life.”

“SRV Hospital is taking the initiative of the wellness of the community and educating the auto rickshaw drivers about CPR and Golden Hour. More than 500 auto drivers who offers their services on road, so it is important to train them with basis emergency care.” adds Dr Vispute.

Dr Dipendra Tripathi, Chief Intensivist, SRV Hospital, says “CPR is a
life-saving technique that helps to maintain blood flow to the brain and heart, and increase time limit for patient till he reaches the hospital. The main aim of this training program was to provide life-saving skills to Auto driver. They are among the first to find on road before ambulance arrive at the scene of accidents and if adequately trained, they can intervene and help save lives.

“If an accident victim is given life support and rushed to a hospital with established trauma care, within the golden hour, it is believed that about 8 out of 10 who would normally die in road traffic accidents can be saved.” added Dr Tripathi.

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