The Paediatric Network -Providing technological benefits to the healthcare sector of India

Gautam Rege, Co-founder & Managing Director and Sachin Shintre, Director, Josh Software, in an email interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Health Technology…

What is the concept underlying The Paediatric Network and how does it work?

As the name suggests, The Paediatric network is a web based application designed especially for paediatricians. The paediatric network is the brain child of Dr. Atish Laddad, Mr. Gautam Rege, Co-founder and Managing director and Mr. Sachin Shintre, Director, Josh Software.

How does it work?

The Paediatric Network provides an end to end solution for the automation of appointments, prescriptions, patients’ historical records, vaccination schedules &records as well as lets the parent capture child’s milestones. This information gets stored and can be accessed from anywhere at any time by doctors and parents. The Paediatric Network allows login for doctors, nurse, receptionists, and parents. The solution enables the users i.e. parents to schedule appointment for their child with the pediatricians registered on the portal online. The parents can either be a guest user or a registered member on the portal. The parents can become a member by paying an annual fee of Rs. 500 per child per year. The payment can be done online and after that can register their name and their child’s name on the portal. Post scheduling the appointment the parent can visit the doctor and the nurse can then enter the necessary information of the child viz. weight, height, allergy etc. Through this the profile of the child is created on the portal which is accessible to the doctor with whom the appointment is scheduled. This allows the doctor to examine the child and based on that the doctor can prescribe medicines or tests. All the information gets stored in the system, by the end of it the doctor will create a prescription. This prescription will be sent to the parent on their cell phone, for which the mobile application has also been created.

What are the challenges faced by the organization in creating the platform?

Delivering this project with the desired features, within the specified timelines was crucial. The application which was pre-developed had issues in terms of functionality, UI consistency as well as user friendliness and the project was not delivered under the pre-decided timelines. Hence, Dr. Atish Laddad approached Josh Software considering their history and expertise in the field of developing web based application & especially for the healthcare sector.

How did Josh Software and The Paediatric Network come together?

Josh Software holds past experiences in developing web based solutions in the healthcare vertical, such as Kimaya NICU, We3Health to name a few.  Due to the team expertise in the field of Healthcare, Josh Software developed a web-based solution like The Paediatric Network for providing technological benefits to the healthcare sector of India.

How do you think that technology and apps like these can minimize the doctor -patient ratio in India?

The app world in today’s digital era is the one of the most highly used and innovative inventions, especially when it gets a response back from the actual users using it. The convenience, less time consumption, ample varieties and attitude of ‘Stumble on what you wish for’, is creating waves in the app world. When it comes to the healthcare related apps, a lot is getting innovated every day and somewhere the upcoming technologies are minimizing the gap between doctors and patients in the healthcare sector by automating the time consuming processes of paper work, prescriptions and billing. Through such solutions doctors can schedule their day or week and make them available at different locations for patients. The end result of this is eventually bridging the gap between patients and doctors, as it is also helpful in gaining single tap solutions.

How do you think that technology has changed the face of Indian Healthcare?

Technology played and still plays a very important role in development of India’s Healthcare sector. Reports show that, India is renowned for world-class expertise in cardiac care, cosmetic surgery, joint replacements, neurological, orthopaedic treatments and dentistry. Due to expansion of hospitality bill in the Union Budget, the infrastructure of hospitals has drastically gone better. The private sector especially has flourished, armed with high-tech technology like data management of patients, automation of treatments and equipment, collection and storage of vital data of patients ‘health.


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