The Paediatric Network Partners With Josh Software To Create A Collaborative Platform in the Paediatric Eco-system

Dr. Atish Laddad, a prominent paediatrician in Maharashtra, joined hands with Ruby on Rails Experts, Josh Software, to create a solution for providing an end to end solution, not only for the paediatricians, but also for the parents and their children. Due to Josh Software’s expertise and experience in building solutions in paediatrics, the team’s understanding of the requirement was the biggest advantage enabling Josh Software to develop this solution. Paediatric-Eco-systemThe Paediatrics Network, a brainchild of Dr. Laddad, simplifies and streamlines the process, makes it paperless and reduces the time of consultation significantly.

The Paediatric Network helps in reducing the time taken in consultation, including paper work for tasks such as registration, prescription and payment. This solution allows automation of prescriptions, patients’ historical records, appointments,vaccination records and capturing child’s milestones. This information gets stored on cloud and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime by both doctors and parents. It allows login for doctors, nurses, receptionists and parents.

Josh Software developed The Paediatric Network using Rails APIs and Angular framework. They have also created a mobile application for The Paediatric Network, which will enable parents to access the portal while on the go and take a confirmed appointment with the regular paediatrician in less than a minute. The mobile application has been developed in ionic framework and work on both Android and iOS platform.

Speaking about this partnership Dr. Atish Laddad, Founder The Paediatric Network, says, “The Paediatric Network is a revolutionary solution for which Josh Software helped us in creating this platform. It helps in bridging the gap between parents, their kids and paediatricians. By enrolling into TPN, a child will be more closely monitored by medical professionals. This program will help parents, especially working parents, to be at ease as challenges in the changing health patterns of their kid will be observed at initial stages and necessary actions can be taken well in time.”

Adding on Gautam Rege, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Josh Software said, “Developing a solution for the betterment of the society, and particularly for children, motivated us to make this performance-focused solution. This motivation helped us to turn-around and develop our solution within 6 months of receiving the brief. Dr. Atish’s constant support and our team’s skilled expertise in creating these types of expert web based solutions in the field of paediatrics helped us in creating such a radical solution for paediatrics.”

The solution was opened to beta users in July 2016, and currently, a total of 12 paediatricians have registered on the platform and are providing their services to the parents. There has been great interest from the entire community for this platform, and the adoption looks to increase exponentially in the coming months.

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