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Median collaborated with Microsoft to develop new cancer detection, diagnosis & monitoring methods

Median Technologies (ALMDT), a leading medical imaging solutions and service provider for image interpretation and management in oncology, and Microsoft announced a joint global initiative in the rapidly growing Precision Medicine market to develop new cancer detection, diagnosis and monitoring methods using Big Data analytics.

As part of the initiative, Median Technologies will collaborate with Microsoft to install its groundbreaking imaging biomarker phenotyping system (IBIOPSY) on the Microsoft Azure cloud Median-Microsoftcomputing platform. On Azure, IBIOPSY will provide capabilities for processing and analyzing medical images, extracting biomarkers of disease in real time for cancer diagnosis and treatment purposes.

“Precision Medicine is about to revolutionize how diagnostic and biological data is used to pinpoint and deliver care that is preventive, targeted and effective” said Fredrik Brag, chief executive officer at Median Technologies. “Extracting biomarkers of disease from medical images is at the core of the Precision Medicine effort. Big Data computing and analytics will allow efficient processing and analysis of imaging biomarkers which is essential for early detection of cancer and monitoring of new targeted cancer treatments. Our collaboration with Microsoft will allow us to deliver these solutions into routine clinical practice on a global scale on the Azure Cloud Computing platform.”

“Microsoft Innovation teams are committed to providing their technical expertise to health professionals who use medical images in their daily routine. We are proud to collaborate with Median on the IBIOPSY project and to bring innovative technologies at the service of cancer research”, said Bernard Ourghanlian, chief technology & security officer at Microsoft France. “Indeed, we are, more than ever committed to addressing the biggest challenges in cancer detection, diagnosis and monitoring, by offering access to the latest and most innovative technologies. By taking advantage of the powerful Microsoft Azure cloud platform, IBIOPSY will provide faster imaging and health data analysis and will accelerate the discovery and delivery of new biomarkers for cancer diagnosis and treatment monitoring.”

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