Telangana government releases Rs.80 lakhs to Nizamia Tibbi Medical College Hospital

The state government of Telangana has released Rs.80 lakhs for the renovation of the age old Nizamia Tibbi Medical College Hospital at Charminiar in Hyderabad.  The Government Nizamia Tibbi Unani Hospital, which was patronized by the Nizams in the early days, has reached to a dilapidated condition today. The outpatient and pathology labs in hospital are in a shambles.

The only Unani Government College Hospital in Hyderabad used to serve more than 3,000 patients every day during the early days, Nizamia-Tibbi-Medical-College-Hospitalbut today only about 1,500 patients visit to this hospital. Though there are many reasons for the downfall of the Unani hospital, lack of new research in drug development and a very few students showing interest to build a career in Unani system of medicines are some of the issues that led to its downfall.

However, the Government Unani hospital is not only suffering from lack of infrastructural and incorporation of modern medical technologies in the field, more to say is lack of professors and well qualified doctors in the stream to cater to the patients.

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