Syncremedies to offer integrated healthcare of all systems via online platform

Syncremedies has unveiled an online medical consultation service that provides an integrated, collaborative approach to health care. The company has devised interplay of Ayurveda along with homoeopathic medications and modern system of medicine.

“Given our awareness and access to information, both ancient and modern, it is imperative that we find the right solution to our health problems by leveraging the best from the various forms of Syncremediesmedicine,” says Dr Arjun Rao, co founder and CEO, Syncremedies.

“Typically, when a patient is viewing options, on the long term dependency, side effects, cure, modality and duration of treatment, patients are ill-equipped to address these concerns. This is where our service aims to fill these gaps by having doctors from different systems of medicine collaborate and treat the patient,” he said.

The treatment plan takes into account the best of modern medicine, homoeopathy and Ayurveda for patient’s ailment. The doctors evaluate the medications tried by patient and are currently on before providing the comprehensive treatment plan.

Medications and treatments with the most efficacy at the correct dose, with minimal side-effects and most long term benefits are considered. Lifestyle considerations, diet, meditation, yoga and exercise regimens are suggested as suited to the patient.

A patient care coordinator is also assigned to help patients through the process and encourage compliance. Syncremedies will maintain the electronic personal health record of the patients and help them keep track of ailments and improvement in their health.

Dr Rao, said that the treatment plan offers the best chance at successfully treating the disease and managing the health of mind and body. Its consultations are online and this saves time for the patient. The company also provides quality medications which can be ordered for delivery at door step. In addition, the platform also provides easy access to specialists, reliable labs, yoga instructors, Ayurveda treatment centres and nutritionists for a discounted price.

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