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On World Health Day: A healthy you = a healthy business

This world health day when Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare said that there is a higher need to focus on the youth and adolescents of the country in our efforts to prevent and combat lifestyles diseases such as Diabetes. He made him very clear that may be health is not in priority list of the government but it’s not at all in negligible state.

He further added that prevention and awareness about non-communicable diseases which are largely linked with our way of living, dietary habits, lack of exercise etc., will go a long way in ensuring that the country remains healthy. India can reap the benefits of its demographic dividend only when the youth of the country grow up to be healthy citizens.

With several e-health and m-health initiative like ‘Swasth Bharat Mobile application’, ‘E-RaktKosh initiative and ‘ANM Online application-ANMOL’,  a tablet-based application that allows ANMs to enter and updated data for beneficiaries of their jurisdiction, being launched , ministry has ensure to improve data quality and updation of data.  Adding an advantage for authentication of the records of field workers and beneficiaries, all the applications are Aadhaar-enabled.

Further, going with the government’s plan of making ‘Digital India’ and ‘Start-up India’ , many start-ups ,other well-known health tech companies, Pharma companies like Lybarte, Practo, Metropolis have come together with many initiatives and programmes for patients around the country.

However, no matter how much we talk about apps, multi-specialty facility, or government’s scheme, health is an individual choice and subject. And so on, no matter how much you may want to make healthy choices, it can feel like there simply isn’t time. Competition is getting tougher each day, everywhere there is a blind race to win and become rich and everyone is running following this rat race. And when faced with the decision to work an extra hour or head to yoga, it can be tough to convince yourself to get up and break that productivity stride. It seems like; life is really revolving around the concept of ‘survival of the fittest’.

Though easier said than done, there is 100 percent possibility to be both the busiest and the healthiest version of one. Just a few changes and see how your body and mind are really worth of these change.

Here, we asked few business tycoons – yes who work 24*7- keep on travelling- to tell us the simple-but-significant lifestyle-medicine changes they recommend and follow.

Parveen Mittal, Co-Founder, Affimity – “I have been going to gym for over a decade so staying fit has been natural to me. I have been into long-distance running, including participating in a few full marathons, helping me maintain weight, despite my sweet tooth​. However, after I co-founded Affimity, an interest-based online social platform, the crazy work hours have taken a toll on my gym visits. This is when technology came to my help. Last year I replaced my trusted Garmin with Fitbit Surge, a fitness smartwatch. My family is now used to hearing the weird sound of someone going up and down the stairs at near midnight because I still have a few more floors to climb to meet my daily target. Affimity also has a very popular ‘fitness’ channel where I love to share fitness tips and running stats with like-minded people.”

Sudarshan Purohit, CEO & Co-Founder of Zenify.in– “I usually schedule my work in a way gives equal importance to my health as my work demands more attention especially since we are in the startup ecosystem. I have the habit of waking up early and walking for half an hour. I also do some breathing exercises and occasionally I play sports. I usually do not indulge in strenous exercises. I ensure that I eat my food on time irrespective of my busy schedule.”

Anil Kumar, Founder and CEO, RedSeer Consulting – “I start my day early followed by an hour of Yoga. A good healthy breakfast keeps me charged up for the day. I make sure that I reach office early as it gives me a good mental head start. I keep fruits handy for the day – so I don’t snack on unhealthy food. I try to be home before 7 PM and have my dinner before 8 PM. Post this, I walk for an hour wherein I catch up with my family and other non-office agendas. I sleep on time and avoid any work before I get onto it. This helps me to stay fresh for the next day”.

Abhimanyu Bhosale , Co-founder & CEO of LiveHealth – “I prefer to walk while talking on the phone and find some time in the morning to exercise for about 30 minutes. I prefer taking stairs instead of elevators and have discussions with the team during an evening walk. We encourage eating fruits and you would find that in our office floor as well.”

Mukund Malani, Co-founder & CTO of LiveHealth – “We don’t find fixed time for lunch. So I take a bigger breakfast while I leave home every morning. This keeps me full and energetic for most of the day. Don’t actually exercise, but I prefer to walk around nearby my house for daily needs.”

Sreevalsan Menon, Founder & CEO, Medikoe“I make sure that I eat correctly on all times, avoid heavy food at night. I try to hit the gym atleast 3 days in a week with bit of squash”.

These people don’t just have really good genes. Whether knowing it or not, they have built up a set of habits over the years that allows them to stay healthy without putting in a lot of effort. And those habits can equal the difference between a really fit person—and a couch potato.


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