WidasConcepts Leverages Big Data and Cloud for Top Healthcare Startup

WidasConcepts, an innovative consulting company which offers Big Data and IoT solutions, today announced that they have signed up with a major health care company to provide a cloud-based application. The project ensures timely-intervention for treatment and ease with which health-care is provided, both for patients and for doctors.WidasConcepts

The Bengaluru-based healthcare provider observed that serious eye-related issues often go undetected since the number of ophthalmologists is very low compared to the number of patients they diagnose. Enabling a pre-scan device deployed at a General Physician’s or dialectologist’s clinic would help capture a patient’s eye scan images. This enables quick diagnosis. To overcome this problem, the healthcare provider deployed WidasConcepts’cloud-based application that helps in de-coupling scan and analysis. With WidasConcepts’ robust and scalable framework, the scanned patient data gets uploaded to the cloud and makes this data available to an expert or a doctor sitting miles away. The expert diagnoses patients based on this data and sends results back to thecenter where the patient was scanned.

Mr Vishwa Kiran, CEO – India at WidasConcepts said, “WidasConcepts’ cloud application addresses key concerns of everyone involved; the organization is assured of a robust and scalable platform, patients benefit from reduced waiting time with expert advice, and the doctor can access information from a remote location, enabling real-time diagnosis.With these benefits, theclient sees a lot of potential in improving their present-day scenario in the field of ophthalmology in India.”

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