‘IT industry needs a regulatory body’


Says, Shirish Kulkarni, CEO, Palash Healthcare Systems Pvt Ltd, in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava,

About the Event

I think lot of good interactions had been happening. The speakers and delegates they comprise of all from the healthcare sector, corporate and government. I think it has given a good amalgamation of the information that we are getting in.

Latest innovations by Palash Healthcare Systems

I am heading Palash as the CEO of the organization. It has around 100+ customers spreading around 15 countries. We got two sets of product  lines, one is legacy which caters to the way of  how we are generating revenue, then there is forward looking new generation product which is called as ‘SWAM’ which actually gives facility to mobility social media and analytics big data is actually the part of the whole journey we are setting up.

Future of Big data

There are two dimensions to that, one way, there is lot of data and it has always been there. Now, we are calling it big data. Big data is defined in three ways as velocity, variance and variability. So, the story is definitely good and it is going to sell. But its commercial view of it.

Whenever, we talk about the application of the commercial dimension to reality, if we at all build a mathematical model and generating some inferences out of it. Who is going to own that/ A very key question and that’s still need the answer. So, upto certain extent it will roll and when it comes to actually final decision to be taken and question about who will own it? Who will have the decision? Who will bell the cat? There it is, when it will go slow.

Role of ICT in Healthcare

I see a lot of potential in healthcare. If I have to look at it we are going to have a huge impact on mobility, everything on hand held device, health on handheld device is a paradigm change. We are looking at complete health information system getting available on hand held device. Similarly, other stakeholders like doctors and practitioners, most of the function you have will be in hand held device. So, mobility will definitely play a major role. It will explore and it will be a non-linear growth that we will see and that is going to impact wider audience as such. There will be a huge explosion and growth of IT in healthcare industry.

Obstacle in Implementation

There should be a regulation to see this explosion happening in a gradual way. Currently, if we talk about Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) that we have, who owns is legally. Is it a patient or doctor or hospital, this question is still unanswered. These aspects should be actually taken care by the government by bringing the right track policies. As we grow on mobility the infrastructure to really support that mobility by way of tele-communication support has to be provided. So, these are definitely straight constraint, if they are not going to be there then we will see a kind of constraint of the growth of what we are planning.

Adoption of IT in Healthcare

If, a year back we are setting around with a good set of 100 customers, spread across the geographies, I would be really happy to continue with that, if I am not aware of where the technology is going. That would have almost generated 30 percent of growth for all of us kind of organizations, which are going on linear growth. Looking at the way, the digital is impacting and the way it is getting adopted, though the adoption rate is very slow say about 17-18 percent, I see that should be a strategy for all of the companies. We have got SWAM sort of products, separate set of hand held device for management of health of patients. Palash practice product, which will help the practitioners either individually or connected with hospitals. We have a web portal, which is a kind of platform to connect the healthcare ecosystem together. Our strategy is going towards the health information exchange and making sure that all these records are available. Eventually generating the kind of database with the big data insight, that we want to use and which is going to be helpful for the fraternity. Now, one is where we are growing non-linearly and second dimension would be where we are able to provide the insight with the big data that we are generating. That would be going to happen generally from year now.

Road Map ahead for Palash

Immediately, we have free app to coming in. Then we will go to the existing customers to make sure that they have complete understanding of what we do, because they are the ones, who test our strategy. They also become our non-linear partners eventually, so we will start generating knowledge and revenue. Then we will as a next step go to the international market, once we stabilize ourselves on the scalability that we require for the approach that we are defining to the international market, we will move ahead. This is going to happen in a year or half year from now.



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