Artemis Hospitals gets global Green OT accreditation from Bureau Veritas

Artemis Hospitals has received certification for developing Gurgaon’s first-ever ‘Green OT’ from Bureau Veritas, a global certification agency.

The certificate recognizes Artemis Hospitals’ compliance to the highest quality and safety parameters for patients and healthcare workers in the operation theatres. It will create uniformity in the safety standard in the operation theatres and minimize the risk of infection during surgical interventions.Artemis-Hospital,

Dr. Devlina Chakravarty, chief executive officer and executive director, Artemis Hospitals, said “We are committed to provide safe and patient centric healthcare services; in an endeavour to bring in novel technology and set new quality and safety standards to provide patients with the best medical care. This certification is another significant accomplishment for the hospital, and will be based on the safety measures, improved staff training, patient and environment friendly operation theatres.”

‘Green’ from an operation theatre (OT) perspective covers all parameters like air flows, OT set up, anesthesia machines, types of volatile agents used, filling systems adopted and scavenging systems in place. Green connotes cleaner techniques using modern technology and processes with a sensitive approach to environment.

Dr.Rajesh Mishra, head, anaesthesia and pain medicine, Artemis Hospitals, shared the journey of the certification and said, “All the OTs in Artemis are scientifically designed to minimize any form of pollution. The cGreen OT certification assures that all patients undergo the standardised protocols of safe anaesthesia administration. Some other key measures include controlling the temperature, humidity, laminar flow, air circulation etc., inside the Ots which are directly related to infection prevention.”

As a part of the process, Bureau Veritas conducted independent assessments/audits of the hospital and scrutinized the prevention of surgical site infections, safe anesthesia, surgical teams and equipment.

“Accreditations form the foundation for assuring patients that safety and quality standards are being met by the Hospital. Patients, who seek medical treatment, are mostly concerned with the quality and safety aspects of treatment and now prefer to go to the healthcare providers that are accredited by a recognized National or International organisation, which establishes a rigorous process of assessing its Clinical and Operational excellence. The accreditation process brings predictability to service standards and enables hospitals to deliver repeatable experience every time,” said Satish Kumar, head – quality, Artemis Hospitals.

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