SmartRx’s Next Gen Tele-health and Care Management App works for Dengue in Delhi

SmartRx’s new innovative mHealth platform enables engagement of patient, doctor and hospitals to improve quality of care and create awareness, especially for the current outbreaks of dengue in the country.

SmartRx tele-health technology offers  application that enable full video and audio consultation, consultation notes and records, App-works-for-Dengueprescription and payment gateways, all built into a single platform. The app integrates with several devices to automatically read pulse rates, blood pressure and other body vitals. This ability to integrate with wearables, health sensors and IOT, makes real expert doctor consultations possible and enables remote patient monitoring.

As there is heavy outbreak of Dengue in Delhi and some other cities,  SmartRx is taking an initiative to educate people and create awareness to fight and manage the disease. App gives pointers on symptoms, complications, diet, exercises etc.  along with daily care messages.

Presently over 1 Million patients are using the SmartRx application platform including top healthcare groups such as Care Hospitals, Rangadore Memorial, KIMS, RxDx Hospitals and others. The platform offers real time audio video interaction with health specialists.

Says Ramaa Sundara Raj, – Director & VP Strategy, SmartRx, “We want to disrupt the healthcare scenario of the country through Tele-health and tech enabled Care Delivery platforms.  The company’s effort is to expand its operations to more cities across India and acquire top 500 hospitals as partners in this effort. Our aim is to become #1 player in tele-health and care management within 2 years”.

Dengue Prevention & Management

The dengue prevention and management plan can be downloaded from SmartRx App, put code DEN100 to get a free Dengue Care Plan

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