Apple and IBM unveil new apps for nurses

Apple and IBM have unveiled three new iOS apps designed to make life easier for nurses and nurse administrators inside the hospital IBM-Applesetting – and another for at-home caregivers

Hospital RN, which uses the iPhone to replace the pager and gives nurses access to patient records, locate patients through iBeacon technology, and use push notifications to access patient requests, lab status and safety alerts.

Hospital Lead for iPad, which enables hospital administrators to manage floor nurses and staff through a centralized portal and offers a single, unified view of multiple internal database.

Hospital Tech, which, accesses a hospital’s record system to give nurses real-time access to patient requests, safety alerts and lab status.

Home RN, which enables home-based caregivers to manage patient records and share information – including text, video and photos – among care team members; in addition, location-based technology allows caregivers to locate patient homes and nearby sites, such as a pharmacy or urgent care center.

The technology stalwarts hope to produce more than 100 apps built on the Apple iOS platform, with IBM handling hardware leasing, device management, security analytics, mobile integration and on-site repairs.

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