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KartavyaHealtheon Introduces Lab Sync

KartavyaHealtheon has launched Lab Sync, a revolutionary concept of standardizing the quality of pathology services in India.laboratory-equipment1

Lab Sync has the provision of monitoring and maintaining the quality standards of a synchronised lab by enrolling them to an external quality control programme. It uses state-of-the-art infrastructure, user friendly web-based application for sample registration and reporting. With the setup of the Virtual lab, Lab Sync reaches out to smaller towns and rural pockets that face immense dearth of qualified pathologists. The concept helps existing labs or collection centres to upgrade their services by collaborating with Lab Sync which provides latest web based LIMS, infrastructure up gradation, qualified pathologist, external quality control, timely and accurate reporting and marketing support.

According to Anil Nayak, Director and Co-Founder, KartavyaHealtheon this would make one’s life easier especially when there is a need of multiple tests to be performed. Lab Sync follows NABL certification guidelines and efficiently empowers labs to combat the acute shortage of qualified pathologists in India. It virtually connects pathology labs across metros, smaller cities and rural pockets to central super labs, equipped with technology and qualified experts, to ensure appropriate diagnosis under keen supervision. Lab Sync with its advanced approach rules out the possibility of in-correct reports and prospective violation of MCI guidelines.”

“Lab Sync allows us to create a virtual web of pathology labs, nationwide even in far-flung places. It links processing labs, anywhere in the country, through its main central facility in Mumbai or its nearest processing hub via web-based lab information management system. Additionally, Lab Sync has an elaborate link with processing hubs to bring out required reports minus errors and on time. We have a team of qualified pathologists verify and authenticate the reports to ensure highest standards. Also, authenticated and validated reports are made available online as per predefined TAT to its clients, doctors and patients to avoid time lapse” said, Vikram Srivastava, Director, and Co-Founder, KartavyaHealtheon.

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