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Investment in preventive Healthcare

Wishes Dr Sudarshan Ballal, Medical Director & Chairman – Medical Advisory Board, Manipal Health Enterprises

What is your wish list for your industry from Budget 2015?Please elaborate.

Ensuring Universal coverage, Tax holidays and incentives similar to IT industry for health care investments will be crucial to its development and I sincerely hope the government fulfills this basic wishlist.

Investment in preventive healthcare solutions and development of the primary and Secondary Health care system while keeping the tertiary healthcare to a PPP model should be the way forward.

We expect the government to increase the health care budget to 5% of GDP in next 5 years. Customs exemption on life saving imported medicines and devices is also a very crucial affair that should be kept in the ambit of the budget.

A heavy investment on skills development courses like paramedical training for technicians,Therapists will enhance the quality of healthcare while that in technology will shorten the huge gap in trained personnel especially in the rural areas.

How do you foresee the impact of Budget 2015 on the jobs/recruitment/skills scenario in your industry?

If all of the above criterions are implied then the industry will receive the right impetus.Since most of the health care in our country is in the private sector incentivisation will encourage more investment that will cascade into more jobs and productivity.

According to you, which are the industries that will get a push from this year budget?

Manufacturing,Defense,Tourism,Infrastructure and hopefully Health care will get a push from the government during this year’s budget.

 How investment/budget intervention in your industry will boost employment?

Univerasal Coverage,Incentivisation of Private sector will significantly increase the health care because now less than 10% of the people have access and can afford tertiary health care .This move will significantly boost the required employment potential

How impetus on the skill space will change manpower landscape in your industry?

We have a huge gap in the supply of health care personnel be it doctors’,nurses’, paramedical personnel or therapists. We need to cater to this demand by opening Medical nursing and Paramedical training courses especially in rural areas and also opening up of private hospitals for PG training

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