Technology will embrace Healthcare Insurance in Karnataka

Remedinet Technologies, India’s electronic cashless health insurancecashless-health-insurance claims processing network has been signed on as the technology partner for Karnataka Government’s recently announced ‘Rajiv ArogyaBhagya’ and ‘JyothiSanjeevini’ cashless health insurance schemes. While Rajiv ArogyaBhagya Scheme aims to cover 33 lakh families Above Poverty Line (APL) for catastrophic illnesses, JyothiSanjeevini scheme would support 5.6 lakh Karnataka Government Employees and their dependents. Aimed at providing affordable, cashless healthcare, both these schemes would run on the Remedinet payer provider network, fully geared towards making this process hassle free for about 1.6 Cr Karnataka citizens.

Remedinet Technologies Private Limited (earlier known as Healthsprint Networks Private Limited) through their SI partner would facilitate capturing and exchange of relevant claim settlement data in a structured and electronically readable format, a process which is currently manual, error prone and time consuming. By eliminating inaccuracies in the data exchange process, Remedinet solutions would make the claim settlement process faster, accurate and hassle free for the end beneficiaries. As the technology partner, Remedinet would enable various participants in the claim settlement process to monitor the progress, thereby bringing in more transparency. Remedinet Technologies’ expertise in ensuring seamless exchange of information between various participants of the health insurance ecosystem made them the ideal partner for the Karnataka government health insurance schemes.

MunishDaga, CEO, Remedinet Technologies said, “Our association with the Karnataka Health Ministry for their ‘Rajiv ArogyaBhagya’ and ‘JyothiSanjeevini’ schemes is indeed a proud moment for us. By providing technology support to these schemes, we aim to contribute our bit in facilitating adoption of latest technology in the Indian health insurance sector. The Indian health insurance industry, one where Government actually leads the private sector, has a long way to go in terms of digitization and exchange of data. We feel schemes like these are steps in the right direction.”

The healthcare claim settlement infrastructure should be well equipped with latest technology to handle this scale of requests. Remedinet products would be of tremendous support in laying the requisite groundwork and making the government healthcare schemes beneficial for the target groups. Our solutions, through the stages of pre-authorization, pre-discharge (final approval) and claim submission, aim at reducing the turn-around time and enhancing productivity of various participants in the health insurance claim settlement process.

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