Technology Replaces Apple, to Keep the Doctor Away!

Technology is playing a crucial role in the healthcare industry today. Technology, which is improving by the day, is helping physicians to diagnose their patients more effectively. Technology advances in healthcare include software such as EMR (Electronic Medical Record), EHR (Electronic Health Record), mHealth apps, Patient Engagement Solutions, Patient Portals , Imaging/Visualization software, Medical Information System and e-Prescribing solutions among others. There are many devices like biometric tools for patients, along with wearables and mobile/ tablet devices.

However, the software used in healthcare is also undergoing a transformation. Many of them have shifted completely to tablets and mobiles. Tablets and mobile phones are easy to carry and handle and help physicians access, modify and update patient’s information anytime, anywhere. There are many software/apps which help doctors communicate with patients, link doctors with doctors, and aids patients to stay healthy. Moreover, these software/apps are user-friendly and immersive in nature.

EHRs and EMRs, while making it easy for doctors to access patient information, are also equipped with additional features such as integrated billing, patient portal with secure messaging, e-prescriptions along with lab and imaging integration. Today, there are thousands of healthcare apps available on iOS, Android and Windows. These apps help you stay healthy and keep track of your workouts, calorie intake, diet and weight. There are also specific apps for diabetes, blood pressure, pregnancy, stress, drug information and baby health apps. A huge number of health apps are introduced to the market every day while existing apps are updated regularly with new features and technology.

Wearables have also entered the market with a bang. Big players like Nike, Adidas, iPhone, Samsung, Sony and Google are competing with each other to capture the market. These wearables continuously track the user’s health and exercise information. They are used extensively by sportspersons, athletes and at fitness centers.

Recently, Polo launched an interesting product they call the Polo Tech Shirt. These shirts are attached with sensors, connected with mobile devices. These sensors transfer information on exercise, heartbeats, calories and total distance covered to the mobile device. There are numerous small players emerging with different innovations in wearables like clothes and belts.

Google also launched Google Glass which can communicate with the internet through voice commands. Many companies are developing apps for this device. An app for this can easily record a consultation or a surgery. The app can take videos and images and stores it in the patient’s electronic medical record. There are apps which can also access patient’s health record and check patient vitals on-the-go.

There are many new innovations in healthcare with enabling technologies to make things happen. Who knows we may see a day where like wearables, we stumble upon an all new tool which will ease the work of healthcare providers and increase patient safety? When found, the right technology will indeed keep the doctor away!

Credits –  Tushar Khirid, e- Zest

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