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Nuo Capital offers money making way in terms of Crypto assets

Cryptocurrencies are probably always on a roller-coaster ride. Bitcoin hit close to $20,000 in late December 2017 and memes about a missed chanceat becoming an overnight millionaire got circulated on social media. It lost over half of its value in no time and graduallyit again shot up to over $15,000. …

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Expansion in blockchain ambitions at LG

Blockchain initiatives may get expanded by the South Korean electronics conglomerate, LG. A Trademark application got filed by the firm on July 2nd that described an electronic wallet which may contain capability for cryptocurrency. An announcement was also made by the firm’s IT subsidiary, LG CNS which said that it …

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Blockchain-based banking platform to be built by RBI

According to sources, a blockchain-empowered banking platform is to be built by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This platform will be for the use of bank officials only. Reports suggests that this launch will take place in and around 2020 and it will be designed to serve public as …

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A Model Platform for Blockchain Apps is being build by RBI’s arm

According to reports, A supervising unit had been set up by India’s Central Bank Reserve Bank of India in August last year to oversee its efforts in emerging technologies including blockchain, cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Though RBI denied the reports then but this year in April an announcement was …

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Facebook plans its own cryptocurrency for WhatsApp

Few of the top online messaging/social media platforms are now expecting to win those battles that the cryptocurrency start-ups lost simply by introducing the mainstream consumers to the territory of digital coins.    The internet-based chit-chat applications/websites are planning to develop new cryptocurrencies within a span of a year or …

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Major Trends Witnessed this year in Fintech

 The Fintech sector is known for its fast-paced and dynamic nature.Every year, the sector maintains its financial edge by incorporating some of the most cutting-edge approaches and vigorously changes itself in the due process. The year 2018 hasn’t been much different for the Fintech sector. Here are some major …

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