Monday , July 6 2020


Paul Merchants Charts IT Mission with New-Age Technologies


While strengthening its IT infrastructure to make it future-ready, the company is modernizing its business applications by incorporating new-age technologies like AI/ML.     Paul Merchants is upping its ante on digital and security initiatives by leveraging new-age technologies like AI/ML, RPA, analytics and blockchain. The company credits its business …

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How Technology is Reshaping Insurance Sales Market?

Mr Udit Agarwal Founder & CEO TrackOlap

Insurance sales can be improved and reshaped drastically with the help of different technology tools such as tracking devices, mobile applications, geo-tag technology and multiple other fields which are discussed ahead briefly. Financial sector and technology are relatively two different concepts. They both are not at all related to one …

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Bangalore tops the era of Digitisation in India

The city that turned out to be the most digitised one in India is Bengaluru. This is confirmed after a research conducted by Payment Solutions company when the study proved that the highest card payments are made in this city. Razorpay Software Pvt Ltd. released the Era of Rising Fintech …

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