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QuantInsti Pioneers Quantitative Trading


ISHAN SHAH, QUANT RESEARCHER, QUANTINSTI advocates how technology can bring more agility to users in business environment


What is the operating business model of QuantInsti and how does technology drive the business?

QuantInsti has a product suite that is highly complementary and feeds into each other to make a faster and more meaningful impact for its users. A million users from 200+ countries every year opt for our products. One of them is our flagship 6-month course EPAT, targeted towards working professionals. This is a popular certification in Algorithmic and Quantitative trading to offer certificates through proctored in-centre exams in countries across the globe.

Our self-paced learning portal, Quantra, offers 30+ courses and learning tracks, across various asset classes and methods in the quantitative & algorithmic trading domain. It offers a unique interactive learning experience through an advanced machine enabled learning experience. Blueshift is QuantInsti’s latest offering, a comprehensive research, back-test and trading platform. It enables its users to create, evaluate and trade their investment and trading ideas in the cloud. It currently offers live trading in US, India & FX markets.

What are the key technology solutions used by QuantInsti and what are their use cases?

The adoption of technology solutions across the product offerings and services is one of the key reasons why QuantInsti has been able to make a positive impact over a global audience in the domain of Algorithmic & Quantitative domain. While getting the best people across the teams in the industry is a job partly done, what completes it is empowering them with the technology that can help them in gathering, analyzing and interpreting the necessary information that they need to best serve our users.

How are digital technologies helping QuantInsti to tide over the current COVID19 crisis?

We have been a technology-first company almost right from the inception, as EPAT has been conducted through the live interactive online sessions with participants and faculty members joining from across the globe. So, our users did not have to face any disruption when the entire world went virtual owing to the lockdown. But certainly, we were used to working with each other from centralized offices, but we had to now move to WFH swiftly. It was niot easy, but I must say that all the team members were on the front foot in countering all the challenges. This helped us in actually catering to our users even better given our expertise in virtual live/online courses in this domain.

What has been the economic and business impact of COVID19 on QuantInsti functioning?

These are challenging times for everyone. We saw many challenges at the users’ end, realigned ourselves to help them address the challenges and ensured that they continued to learn about this beautiful domain of quant and algo trading, came up with more and more free resources, added lots of additional value in our existing product and services as part of our counter-attack campaign, and ultimately made the courses more affordable. All these steps ensured that both us and the users continue to tide through these challenging times together. We have been grateful to our users for the love and support they have extended to us and we continue to give our best to give back the same and beyond, as we continue to march forward and expand.

How have you been handling your workforce during lockdown?

Our teams were intimated that they would not be asked to come to office at least till 1st December, to remove at least some uncertainties during these uncertain times.
We had more discussions during the day, trying more video communication approach to not miss out the efficacy of face to face interactions and most importantly, being human and trying to be there for each other while building the path ahead as a team

How are digital technologies going to help you to tide over the crisis without significant business disruption?

We connected internally and with our users as well to ensure that we keep identifying and resolving challenges in a virtual environment with adaptive learning and customizations using data sciences which is faster, better, effective.

What is your IT agenda?

We are hoping to use technology to bring value to users, technology to help bridge the communications within and externally, being more agile to ensure value is delivered to users even with abrupt changes in the business environment.


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