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EasyPay helps in Rural ATM Services

Parth Pandya, Sr. Product Developer, Easy Pay explains the benefits of his solutions

  • What are the solutions from Easy Pay?

EasyPay has two services. One is the b2b services about mobile recharges and other bill payment services as well as ATM services like Paisa One is for the particular rural areas where people are not aware about the products and online bill payment services. So, what they will do? They will directly go to the grocery store and we have our portal available there. They can use it for bill payments like electricity bills, DTH, mobile recharges and even the government taxes as well. The second product is the Paisa which is also one type of ATM services. It is also installed and anyone can withdraw. So, it is a solution for them where they are unable find the proper ATM.

  • What are the benefits for customers from Easy Pay solutions and services?

In India, there are lots of people who are using our services majorly in the rural areas, like in Patna, Bihar. There are lots of happy customers who are happy to get these types of services which have made their lives easier.

  • What is the go-to-market strategy of Easy Pay?

We go directly to the customers as we have a list of agents who have installed our products at various places in the rural areas specially. We directly communicate with them and give them an idea about our products and how they can also benefit from them. The agent gets a commission based on the transaction they do for their customers. It is not b2c direct customer services but these are b2b services. For example, we are going to provide services for our small partners like grocery stores or small vendors and then they will go to their clients/ customers. When any customer who goes to the grocery and wants to withdraw some money, our partner will do the transaction using our products and based on that transaction the partner , i.e. grocery store will get some amount as commission.

  • What are the key focus areas and initiatives planned in Easy Pay’s business roadmap for the next 18-24 months?

For the bank it is very hard to maintain the entire ATM system because too much cost needs to incurred by the banks for one single ATM. We are trying to reach as many partners and agents we can especially in the rural areas as well as in those urban areas where the ATM services are less.


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