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How to build the next generation of fintech ?

Kartik Poddar – From the space that we come from, which is conversational AI, the next front that lies is investing on voice and language capabilities which is why Haptik is investing on VR and conversational commerce. Within the BFSI space we feel there’s huge potential for conversational AI solutions especially in the banking and solutions industries. The deployments that we have done have seen tremendous success and we continue to believe these are the two verticals that shall continue to grow. Additionally, there’s a lot of interest we are seeing from insured tech as a segment and we believe our technologies compliment really well with the overall offering to the end customers.



Prithwi Chandrasekhar – Here’s my view on the next generation of fintech which is, they’ll not be purely digital, they’ll be partly digital, they’ll be partly physical. Some people have called it the bionic bank as in partly human and partly machine. I think physical and digital has become a commonly used space. But I do think, certainly in India business processes are not going to be a hundred percent digital anytime soon and that the winning fintechs will have a combination of physical and digital business processes. Now which ones would I pick in terms of the right investments, the simple answer would be those that have a distinctive customer presence and a distinctive risk management approach which would bring together both physical and digital touchpoints with the customers.


Kamal Mishra – Fintechs are very agile, they have got a lot of interesting ideas and their time to market is pretty fast. They will beat the industry incumbents hands down. Now, it depends on the kind of investments the stakeholders make on fintech. Possibly it’ll be on futuristic technologies. AI could become one of them and within AI there’s a lot of stake on machine learning. Machine learning is the niche area, along with that NLP NuroLinguistic Programming, this space has got a lot of things to offer. Banks and other major financial players will see a lot of potential, if they get, the AI right in. their value chain they’ll end up making a very able and value saving, profitable position for themselves and their competitive advantage would be extremely high.

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