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Google Maps introduces a new feature- “Stay Safer”

A brand-new feature has been introduced by Google Maps with its “Stay safer” featureon Wednesday. This new feature is known to be introduced for India. This feature will allow Android phone users travelling in taxis or auto rickshaws to share their live location with their friends or family will also alert their dear ones if their vehicle is going off-route. One can find this new feature on the latest version of the app.

As soon as a user selects a route and selects the destination, he or she can use this feature by opting for the “stay safer” and “get off-route alert” feature from the menu bar. Post this selection, the phone will be enabled with this feature and it will automatically buzz in case the vehicle goes more than 0.5 km off the actual route suggested by Maps and users on the other hand can tap to check where they are as compared to the suggested route. After this, a user can live-share the screen with family or friends to help them track their ride.

Amanda Bishop, Product manager at Google Maps reportedly said that through their research conducted across India, they found that lot of people limit their mobility because of safety-related concerns and in order to address this they have launched India-first feature which will deliver a more reliable and more relevant experience to the mass.

New safety features were also rolled out by Uber and Ola following the repeated incidents of harassment by cab drivers. While Uber came up with a feature called Safety Toolkit in 2018 through which riders could share their rides and read about the driver’s screening processes, Ola introduced Ola Guardian, a real-time monitoring system which could track unexpected stops and deviations and could provide on-the-spot assistance to the riders. The new feature by Google Maps can provide a quicker and easier solution to the tracking of ride and sharing on Ola and Uber as users get to compare Maps-suggested route with that of the driver’s route on the app and share updates with their near ones instantly.

Google also recently came up with three India-centric public transport features, which allows users, through Google Maps to check bus travel times, train schedules,  and mixed-mode commute suggestions based on traffic data in real-time.

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